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Bienvenidos a Albrick Studios, en este canal os enseño todo tipo de cosas relacionadas con legos (tutoriales, juegos, MOCS, y muchas otras cosas que iré subi...


  1. Posted by jordyyn07, — Reply

    why tf are they all so fucking white.... like have they heard of this thing called the sun. Also tiana is a queen 👑 best disney princess ever! ❤️❤️

  2. Posted by annacmoreland, — Reply

    Be careful when you do this guys! You remember what happened to Anna and Hans? (Although that wasn’t true love BUT STILL P)

  3. Posted by MafitaGe, — Reply

    Creo que los que más se parecen a los originales son Jazmín y Aladin, ya que la mayoría en mi opinión parece dibujado

  4. Posted by stitchplayzgamez, — Reply

    Why is everyone saying "Anna and Hans ❤" you guys realize they arent a real couple right? Its Anna and Kristoff?

  5. Posted by zniarose, — Reply

    Idk if u noticed but the girl is the foundation....... yeah u are nothing without us guys .... nothing!

  6. Posted by gugabotelho13, — Reply

    Aqueles casais que realmente.. A gente respeita! Eu adoro todos eles, sem exceção.

  7. Posted by melsot_12, — Reply

    Soy yo o cada príncipe (esepto la bestia)tienen un parecido😑

  8. Posted by apeanut118, — Reply

    Then Hans and Anna “ accidentally” shows up 😈😈

  9. Posted by analuizafernandesleal, — Reply

    Nossa essa cena perfeita foi feita com um casal de merda em Frozen né?

  10. Posted by no_create, — Reply

    Нененене Давайте Диснеевского принца! Просто я хочу чтото гомогейское

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